About Us

Catiadesign as a training group under the management of Engineer Arash Karimi tries to provide the best training in the simplest and most up-to-date ways to the interested parties with the most professional and complete training packages in the field of professional software.

Why Catiadesign training packages?

Catiadesign training packages are prepared and arranged by the best and most experienced teachers  to teach the software you need at a professional level with a very strong and fluent expression technique.

Professional software training can have the highest efficiency if they have been taught by experienced people in the industry to make the best of this transfer of experience.

Also, all the packages offered by Catiadesign site are zero to one hundred and project-oriented, as a result, this means that you do not need any other educational resources.

Currently, one of the most advanced educational methods in modern societies is the use of distance education in the form of films.